A design anti-conference in Los Angeles, California

September 22-24, 2017

What this is

Design Play is an informal conference that we've done for three years. First in Seattle, then Quebec City, then Chicago. The format is simple.

  1. Get a bunch of creative people together in a city.
  2. Find some creative things to do together.
  3. Leave plenty of time for open conversation.

And that's how we run the conference. It's a lot of fun. By design.

Text from The Design Play Manifesto.

Yes, I want to come

Design Play Los Angeles is currently invite only. If you have attended Design Play in the past, check your email.

Design Play Los Angeles is open for new attendees to join us! Please fill out an application by June 30th, 2017 (11:59:59 PST) and we will reply with an invite if you are selected.

Apply for Design Play LA!

We aim to create an experience that is positive and safe for all attendees and will enforce the Conference Code of Conduct.

What it costs

We expect it to cost $150 per person, plus lodging and dinner expenses. Transportation, in the form of rental cars, is already factored into the price. Lunch is included both days. Any money left over will be turned into a creative gift for attendees after the event. *If you are not local, travel to and from Los Angeles will not be covered.

Where to stay

Once your attendance is confirmed, we recommend that you fly into LAX and stay in South Pasadena or Pasadena. Your best bet is to find an Airbnb listing.

Day 1: Friday


Day 2: Saturday




Day 3: Sunday